Reiki is an integrative therapy “in which the practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above the person, with the goal of facilitating their own healing response.” (National Institute of Health website, 2015)

Research studies on Reiki Therapy have consistently noted these outcomes: lower levels of pain and anxiety; feelings of deep relaxation; and reduced stress. Reiki Therapy is considered to be very safe, with no negative side-effects noted in research studies.

Reiki Therapy sessions are done fully clothed, and can be done either seated in a chair or laying on a massage table. Sessions last for an hour. The fee is $65, payable by cash or check. When needed, such as following surgery, Reiki Therapy sessions can be provided in the home or hospital setting for an additional cost.

  • Eric - Westerville
    I started Reiki Therapy treatment after my back surgery with the goal of pain management and surgical recovery.  Julie also suggested some VERY simple yoga-based stretches that augmented my PT.  These, combined with my Reiki treatments, really improved my mental and physical health.  It’s been a long time since I felt so good.  Thank you!!!
    Eric - Westerville
  • Karen - Worthington
    Following my cancer diagnosis and in addition to my traditional western treatments, I opted to try Reiki. I have found it to be a wonderful complement that has helped me deal with chemo side effects as well as strengthening a positive spirit.
    Karen - Worthington
  • Brenda - Westerville
    I have been receiving Reiki from Julie for several years. I began at a time when my health took a dramatic turn. Reiki provided pain management, emotional and physical relaxation, balance, insight and clarity. Julie is highly professional and caring in her approach to overall health care. She is brilliant and respectful. Her knowledge and experience of Reiki and the body as a whole: body, mind and spirit provided great comfort and relief during a stressful and uncertain time. My health is now at its best and I am deeply grateful for my experience with Julie.
    Brenda - Westerville
  • Anne Marie - Gahanna
    As a person, who previously had some negative yoga experiences, and had never experienced Reiki, I was initially very skeptical.  However, Julie is very talented and knowledgeable about yoga and Reiki and the positive effects that can be obtained.  I have personally seen a big reduction in my stress level, including the ability to control my responses in stressful situations. I have also experienced a reduction in my blood pressure, and in general, feel more in control of my health. I recommended Julie to a friend, who also had very positive outcomes with pain and stress reduction.‎ I highly recommend Julie.
    Anne Marie - Gahanna
  • Sara - Westerville
    I came to Julie initially for reiki because of anxiety and insomnia. She has given many so many effective tools to use when I am facing these difficulties. Her practice and advice has changed the way I think about and approach my anxiety and insomnia, and I feel more confident in working through them now. And through her yoga therapy, she even helped me navigate the pains from a cyst on my tailbone that my doctors couldn't do anything for. Working with Julie feels like hitting reset and getting my life back to a balance that allows me to live more joyously.
    Sara - Westerville
  • Stacy RN - Pickerington
    Reiki and Yoga therapy have done more for me in such a short period of time than years of counseling for anxiety and depression. Energy is all around us. Energy work has allowed me to start to heal on the inside and then create the space to let the energy flow out. Julie's understanding, acceptance and intuition before, during and after a session always leaves me feeling so much better and more clear. So much so that I am now pursing learning more about Reiki so that I might one day help others like Julie has helped me.
    Stacy RN - Pickerington
  • Jennifer - Columbus
    I cannot say Thank You enough!! Julie has shown me how reiki and yoga can holistically support me on my healing and living journey! I truly appreciate Julie's depth of knowledge, her professionalism and ability to authentically connect with her clients! I would not be the person I am today without working with her through reiki and yoga therapies. For my birthday, I asked my family to do a yoga nidra class with her and even my teenage son was interested in learning more! THANK YOU JULIE!
    Jennifer - Columbus