A  therapeutic yoga class is smaller in size, to better address each individual student’s needs.  Each class includes a wide variety of yoga practices: breath-work; alignment awareness; gentle joint movements; yoga poses; relaxation; and guided imagery or meditation.


Mount Carmel Classes in Columbus and Westerville


Free classes for cancer survivors are offered through Survivorship Services.

Weekly drop-in Gentle Yoga classes are offered at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville on Thursday evenings.

Occasional classes are also offered at Mount Carmel East in Columbus.

Yoga for Healing Class Series in Westerville

This is a gentle 4-week therapeutic class series for those who may have some health concerns, or who may be new to yoga.

For this class, you should be able to move up and down from a yoga mat without stressing your body.

The class fee is $50.  Call for more information.

The Art of Relaxation Class in Westerville

Take a little time to renew mind, breath and body with this 90 minute long class.

You will experience a variety of deeply relaxing  practices that calm the nervous system and invite healing.  This is yoga that anyone can do.

The class fee is $15.  Call for more information.