Energy Therapies for Health offers the modalities of therapeutic yoga and Reiki.  These therapies are provided by Julie Kusiak, a certified and highly experienced professional. 

Individual Yoga Therapy sessions can help to: manage pain; reduce stress and anxiety;  and address a wide variety of health concerns.  Reiki Therapy can be very effective for pain relief; for reducing anxiety; and for engaging the body’s healing capacity.

Yoga Therapy and Reiki are provided in Westerville, Ohio close to Worthington, Lewis Center and Columbus.  FREE therapeutic yoga classes for cancer survivors are taught at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville and at the Cancer Support Community in Columbus.


Individual Yoga Sessions

Julie is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) as per the accreditation standards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  As a yoga therapist, Julie  has worked individually with over 160 different people to help them meet their goals – from reducing pain, anxiety and stress to recovering from illness .

She also has more than 3000 hours experience teaching therapeutic yoga classes.  In addition, Julie supports yoga therapists in training as a mentor for the IYT Yoga Therapy Internship.

The yoga therapy components of Julie’s teaching are based on her C-IAYT certification, not derived from her status as an E-RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance Registry.

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Reiki Therapy

An Introduction to Reiki Therapy,  is an article that Julie wrote for the spring 2017 issue of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s “Everything Matters in Patient Care”.

Julie is a Reiki practitioner trained at the Master Level, with 16 years of experience facilitating more than 3000 Reiki sessions in both the hospital and community setting.

Reiki Therapy is considered to be very gentle and safe.  It is offered in hospitals around the country, often used in conjunction with traditional healthcare.

Reiki Therapy is facilitated with a light touch, done fully clothed, laying on a massage table or seated in a chair.  The hand placements used during Reiki are over endocrine glands and nerve plexus areas of the body,  inviting a state of deep relaxation.


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Yoga Classes

FREE Gentle Yoga Classes for Cancer Survivors:  Weekly drop-in Gentle Yoga classes are available at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s on Thursday evenings. Please call to learn more.

Other Classes:   A 4-week Yoga for Healing class series and a one-time The Art of Relaxation class are offered at my Westerville location on a quarterly basis. These classes may be very helpful if you have a health concern or if you are new to yoga.  Call for more information.


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Meditation and Yoga Nidra Sessions

The practice of meditation has been documented to have significant health benefits. Individual or small group meditation instruction is available at my Westerville location.

Individual sessions of the deeply relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra, also known as “yoga sleep”, are also available.

FREE Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Nidra For Cancer Survivors: Classes are available for survivors and caregivers at the Cancer Support Community, Central Ohio.  Call for details.

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